Awarded: “Best Local Artist of the Year” by FEMMUSIC

Awarded: “Best Album of the Year” by 303 Magazine

Featured on: Colorado Public Radio’s Open Air with Alysha Sweeney

Featured on: Live at Lunch on  KRFC

Featured on: Colorado Playlist 

“”…the cohesive album as a whole is utterly fantastic….It’s an album about love which shows other musicians that heartbreak isn’t just about the tangible and definable elements.” –303 Magazine

“Kerrick puts her impressive vocal range and talent as a classically trained pianist and guitarist to good use in her dynamic music. Just when her songs appear to be mired in an all-too-familiar mixture of sad breakup lyrics and acoustic guitar strumming, keys swell, a driving beat emerges, and suddenly the tune shifts into a mix of blues and dream pop.” –Westword

“Foolish imparts on her eclectic abilities to sing it and sing it loud. Take the single “How Many Times” for a run, you’ll likely be reminded of a young Amy Winehouse, a dripping valve of soul and emotion.” –Rooster Magazine

“Rowan Kerrick has created something cool here with her new album, Foolish…. Do yourself a favor and listen to the album from beginning to end and see how this relationship turns out…. With soulful vocals, and raw and emotive lyrics, Rowan Kerrick is an artist that people can appreciate regardless of their genre preferences.” –B-Side Guys

“Rowan Kerrick style is as original and as exciting as it gets, the young artist is killing the game left and right. At such a young age, we have a lot to look forward to with the artist and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. Take 30 seconds and electricity will shoot through your body – it’s THAT good.” –Keep Walking Music

“She draws you into her music with her raspy and sweet voice and subtle need for instrumentation.” –303 Magazine

“Rowan Kerrick has a voice that will knock the stuffing out of your Christmas goose. With her interpretation of “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” recorded live at Your Mom’s House in Denver, Rowan Kerrick re-imagines the sorta schmaltzy Bonnie Raitt hit into an edgy, sultry late-night text, the last one that is sent before deleting the contact and blocking all replies. Except the next day you unblock the number and ponder what you missed.” –Reverb Raccoon



“In the era of wispy-voiced Joni-Mitchell-Meets-Nora-Jones female singers, Rowan stands out as a throwback, more old-style belter than New Age whisperer… Bones comprises 12 tracks, all very good, all cut through with the hard edge of just-beyond-heartache.” -Reverb Raccoon

“Produced and recorded at the acclaimed Mammoth Cave Studios in Denver, Bones is a peaceful and harmonic delivery from Colorado singer/songwriter Rowan Schoales. We’re lucky to have it, because our digital copies of Adele’s 21 were getting worn from overuse.” -Rooster Magazine


Other Credits:

Rowan’s song, Needle and Thread was recently featured in 3 separate ads for O’Neill Women’s Clothing…you can watch the ads here, here, and here.

Rowan’s song, Needle and Thread was featured in the Lifetime Movie, Presumed Dead in Paradise

Rowan has had her music featured on multiple local radio stations including Open Air 1340, Area 93 93.3, KBCO-FM 97.3, and Radio Free Brooklyn

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